The team

Here’s a bit about everyone who makes this place tick.

Meet the people making the right noises.

Peter van der Fluit,
Partner/Head Composer

Pete was born with music in his name, songs in his blood, an ear for award winning compositions, and big instrument-holding hands at the ends of his talented arms.
Tamara O'Neill,
Executive Producer

A massive fan of all things that sound good and smiling, Tam puts her extensive musical and agency experience into delivering the best sounding sounds around.
Michael O’Neill,

Co-founder of The Screaming Mee Mees and Liquid Studios, Mike’s massive musical passion and massive smile provide the soul to Liquid’s business.
Craig Matuschka,
Senior Sound Engineer

Craig is the consumate professional. When he’s not doing burpees he’s finding the perfect sound for the most convincing belch. And if he can’t, he’ll be in the booth making it.
Brendon Morrow,
Senior Sound Engineer

Brendon is Liquid’s super sub, bringing over 10 years of sound engineering skills to the studio, when he’s not winning the 48 hour film fest. Twice.
Facilities Manager

Liquid’s resident Energizer Bunny, Shirleyanne will look after your every need. She’ll have a drink in your hand before you can say “can my hand have a drink in it please”.
Dan Nathan,
Senior Sound Engineer

If you could engineer a sound for over 15 years’ experience working on award winning campaigns across the spectrum of screen and video arts, it’d probably sound like… Dan. Parp!
Paul McLaney,
Music Licensing

Liquid’s resident lawman, Paul employs all his music licensing nous to secure music contracts for the biggest brand campaigns.
Jonathan Bree,
Freelance Composer

Talented songwriter, musician, and producer, Mr Bree is a veritable musical Swiss Army knife, with all the attachments. 20 years of musical adventure have served him well.